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Hans Bolling Duck and Duckling

by ArchitectMade


Duck and Duckling epitomize everything we love about midcentury modern Danish design. 1. The teake wood is warm and inviting and 2. The un-obstructive line is simple and elegant.

However, what we may not know about Duck and Duckling is that their inspiration came from a real life story.. A story about a family of ducks that was safely guided across a busy intersection by a policeman in Copenhagen, one spring morning of 1959. The event was so utterly sweet and charming that the story was publicized in newspapers around the world and made into a poster.

Faithfully reproduced by hand in Denmark today, Duck and Duckling serve to remind us of the little miracles in life.

$79 - $149

• Duckling 4" H / Duck 7.25" H
• Materials solid teake
• Made in Denmark